Friday, 20 May 2011

Check out our latest skincare discovery: Raw Skin Food

Check out our latest skincare discovery: Raw Skin Food

Always on the look out for natural skincare, we were lucky enough to meet Clare, owner of Raw Skin Food, Our paths crossed at the allergy and gluten free show at precisely the right time- I was going through a week long hell of dry skin. I had upped my omega's, gently exfoliated and moisture masked all with no beneficial results, just elephant skin with a shiny sheen. Beautiful- I think not.

Clare recommended her skin food- which although is rather greasy to touch, goes into the skin in minutes leaving you with a sheen free, glossy complexion. We liked Clare so much on meeting her- we were overjoyed that her products actually worked, and well at that.

After using the cream for a week exactly, I am dying to get my hands on her other ranges. My skin is back to normal- in fact better than it has been in months. What we put into our bodies is so important but sometimes we forget that what we put on matters just as much- if its natural, raw and completely toxic free- BRING IT ON...or should I say SLATHER it on!

Raw skin food also does living facials and peels. No horrendous toxic, harsh products. We don't think you should go on a crazy everything must go rampage, just slowly start replacing hardcore beauty products with natural ones where you can. At the very least, make sure the products you do use are paraben free.

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