Friday, 19 April 2013



Heard of Turmeric before? If not, I am sure you have eaten it as it's the spice that gives most curries that delicious and rich yellow colour.  As you can imagine it's very popular in India with as much as 78% of the worlds production sourced from here. Turmeric can be purchased as a fresh root spice but is more typically used as a powder. Given its vibrant colour, Turmeric is often used in food as a colouring but watch out it as can really stain your clothes. This versatile spice is a promising phytonutrient that has been found in various studies and reviews to be potent at fighting many diseases such as joint inflammation, Alzheimer’s, poor heart health, poor immune system and cancer. It is very safe to eat, even in high amounts.  


Friday, 15 March 2013




So I am sure you all know how much we love all things coconut including coconut water, coconut  flakes, coconut flour and our latest find, coconut yoghurt. But today we wanted to share with you our number one coconut product, coconut oil. If you have not got this in your staples cupboard yet it should be top of the shopping list this week and here is why:

Coconut is a true super food that not only tastes wonderful and refreshing but offers significant benefits to human health and we think, truly deserves more credit and appreciation. Recent research looking into the health benefits of coconut oil has been very promising regarding anti-bacterial, anti-ageing, and anti-cancer properties and even heart health. Below are our top 5 reasons to love this product:

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Day 7of 7 of our Get Healthier Campaign

Lunch- Salmon and Egg "burgers"

On the run again today with lots going on so we needed a quick meal with lots of protein to fill us up for longer. We also love smoked salmon so any excuse really...

 Most people are not eating enough fish in their diet. Oily fish like salmon is a fantastic source of Omega 3 fatty acids. These are polyunsaturated fats with heaps of healthy benefits. Omega 3s are well know to help reduce inflammation in the body, helping to prevent inflammatory diseases like heart disease and arthritis. They are also essential for brain health, impacting behaviour and cognitive function. So make sure you are eating some salmon or mackeral at least twice a week or other good sources of Omega 3s such as flaxseed and walnuts.

Day 7of 7 of our Get Healthier Campaign

Breakfast- Berry Nice Smoothie

Raspberries are one of my favourite fruits so we always have a stash of frozen ones in the deep freeze as they make a pretty good smoothie too. I would have to rate this one pretty highly on our smoothie rating chart- it was delicious and the nuts and seeds on top gave it a nice extra crunch.

Day 6 of 7 of our Get Healthier Campaign

Dinner. Thank goodness for root vegetables

Winter is the perfect time to take advantage of the wide variety of root vegetables available. Not only are they in season now but they make great warming foods perfect for this time of year. Think hearty veg stews, casseroles and heaps of roasted vegetables.

We kept it simple tonight and made some stuffed sweet potatoes with roasted parsnip chips.

Monday, 10 December 2012

Day 6 of 7 of our Get Healthier Campaign

Lunch. The triple S- Salmon, Salad and Seeds

A quick spin in the kitchen and we  pulled together a salad of sorts with some delicious smoked salmon for lunch.  Don't get caught up always needing a recipe - get creative and start trying different combinations of foods, you will be surprised at what works. We often stare into the fridge expecting a perfect meal to appear but often its the mishaps and crazy concoctions of us throwing leftovers together that end up tasting the best. Have you tried anything strange and found a winning combination? Let us know in the comments below- we are always looking for new ideas.

Day 6 of 7 of our Get Healthier Campaign

Breakfast- Beetroot, Carrot and Ginger Juice

Two days left of our one week to healthier eating campaign. We hope you have been enjoying some insight into what we eat each day and trying out a few new things?

Monday morning's are always the hardest waking up early for me, more so when it's so dark and cold but we start the week off with our 6:30 training class so no excuses. Thank goodness we have clients arriving otherwise I could easily have gone back to bed this morning. 

Sessions done now and despite the pain of early morning wake ups, it's great to have exercise done by 8am for the day. Plus, it helps wake me up and get me ready for the rest of the morning. We finished off the exercise with a great energising juice for breakfast with heaps of ginger in to give that extra zing and help keep the immune system fit and fighting.