Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Almond, caper pâté
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Eating out - without the guilt!

Eating out does not need to be a slip off the bandwagon, a healthy lifestyle is not a quick fix. This is your life- the rest of your healthy, gorgeous life! So instead of calling ahead and calorie counting or making the night painful for your friends, chill out and remember these tips:

-Make sure as you sit down to order a jug or a big glass of water - the journey has probably left you thirsty, feeling hungrier than you are. Rehydrate before taking a look at the menu.

-If they bring a big basket of bread- decline it (unless it's a healthier rye or wholewheat), besides you have an excellent meal ahead, don’t fill up on boring bread. Choose olives or nuts instead.

-Time to order. For starters fresh is best, choose a nice fresh salad (hold the dressing) and squeeze lemon and drizzle olive oil to add some flavour.

-Mezze is another great way to have something vibrant and fill up on nice healthy fats. Yum!
If nothing is taking your fancy skip it altogether and head for the mains.

-Fish is always a good option, order a side of vegetables or salad and keep it grilled. Fried batter is not going to look so lovely sitting around your heart or cuddling your outer thigh.

-Stay clear from heavy pastas laden in cheese and cream- as you start to notice and listen to your body your body will be exhausted after a rich pasta. Dinner is not meant to send you to the couch to rub your belly.

-Dessert, now here's a good one. Unless you are in a healthy restaurant- there is seldom a good option here. We have sweet tooth's the size of sabres so we make sure we have some healthy treats at home. I sometimes carry a bar of dark chocolate in my bag to enjoy as dessert on the way home. Once in a while if the double decadent chocolate mousse is calling your name- it won't hurt in moderation. As your taste buds start changing with healthier eating you will be surprised how sweet conventional desserts taste.

Above all, eating out is about enjoying friends and family and  relaxing on your night out of the kitchen- so enjoy it! If you can't live without the burger... order it with a side of vegetables and salad and make up for any ‘slip ups’  tomorrow with an extra serving of leafy greens.

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