Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Beauty-PHul skin this summer.

Across our facebook and twitter pages, and in our cooking classes we often talk about the benefits of greens and the importance of alkalising our bodies. You might know what they are doing inside of our bodies but here is what can we expect on the outside:

Drum roll please...

Glowing, healthy, acne free skin.

Although dermatologists have been downplaying it for years, the truth is out. Our diet has a huge impact on our skin. Eating loads of greens= alkalised body= balanced PH= beauty-PHul skin.

There is a lot of complicated science behind this, but lets look at the basics. Acid forming foods create toxins in our bodies leaving us with internal stress and imbalanced, irregular cells. (hello wrinkles and acne). By eating alkaline and nutrient rich foods we  are left with a balanced PH level, plumping up our healthy cells which makes us look younger, have more energy and controls our stress levels (bye bye wrinkles and bad skin).

Food high in saturated fat, processed carbohydrates and dairy are all major contributors to bad skin including skin conditions like rosacea, acne, psoriasis and eczema. (watch for gluten intolerances where eczema is present, they are very often closely related).

Before jumping on the dermatologist band wagon of toxic medication and antibiotics- give nature a chance to work its magic.

Add dark fruits and vegetables (blueberries, beetroots, broccoli, spinach, kale) to your diet these are filled with antioxidants that prevent aging. Try eating oily fish 2-3 times per week it keeps your body topped up with omegas. I consider a dosage of omega filled oily fish like having a moisture rich facial.  We take an omega supplement to ensure we are getting enough omegas, nordic is an exceptional brand.

During the summer months protect all your hard work on your internal skin care regime with a mineral sunscreen. We are huge fans of the Australian mineral range, Invisible zinc which is Paraben free. We would however recommend going sunscreen free before 10:00 and after 4:00- as any sunscreen prevents vitamin D from reaching our bodies.

So get out there and enjoy your summer greens for a healthy glowing skin.

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