Monday, 6 June 2011

 Why be blue when you can be green?

This month we are focussing on the power of greens, be it in a green juice smoothie or growing wildly in potted plants in your home. There is a heap of information on the web and in bookstores about green juicing and the power of an alkaline body. We love research so will do all the hard work for you-and bring you the best bits about a diet rich in greens, how to sneak greens in, how to get a little more alkaline and a lot more energetic. We are kick starting our 'why be blue when you can be green' month with a video from our favourite Ph-mentor and green juice goddess, Kris Carr.

She has got us all shooting back wheatgrass and sipping on spinach and celery frappes... We feel amazing, we feel ready for summer and are brimming with energy.  Sound revolting- initially it did to us too... so don't freak out we promise to make easy suggestions too, building you up slowly to love green juice as much as G 'n T's at sunset (well almost as much). Join us over the next month for the best info on being 'Ph-abulous'!

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